Week 2

EES Team 1 (BP Sub Sea Power Generation) spent the morning researching the constrction of turbines specifically materials that do not corrode.

One of the team continued the research into underwater turbines -  "Has found the usage of underwater turbines. It has the similarities of a windmill but it has advantages that enable us to process the subseas power generation. The features of the Turbine consists of three sets of blades that resemble window shutters. These structures are designed to close when water flows in the same direction the blades are moving and open when water moves in the opposite direction. The force of the water turns the blades and makes the shaft rotate, and a generator converts this rotational energy into electricity.

While energy generated from these turbines may not be able to completely replace fossil fuels, as the group claims, the devices could still be an important source of clean energy, experts say.

Ocean currents are one source of natural energy that no one has tapped before, either because they weren't aware of it or didn't have the technology to capture it, said  founder of energy, and the man behind the idea to develop ocean turbines.

The notion of using underwater turbines to harness energy from deep-ocean currents raises concerns over the potential environmental impacts. While the system is designed to minimize the threat to marine life, in-ocean studies must be done to investigate the potential effects"