Subject Overview


The Mathematics Department consists of a team of enthusiastic and committed specialists. Mathematics is an exciting and challenging subject which continues to develop at a rapid rate across many research areas. It provides tools for understanding science, engineering, technology, art and economics. We aim to inspire and motivate students to enjoy learning, achieve and develop as young mathematicians. Students will experience that mathematics is an international language and over time develop means of solving problems and enjoy maths for its own sake.


Years 10 & 11


Students follow the Edexcel GCSE (1MA1syallabus.  Students have two 2 hour lessons per week in Year 10 and an additional 1 hour lesson in Year 11.


There is the option for students to sit a GCSE in Statistics in Year 11.  Students will be taught statistics in additional statistics lessons and will follow the Edexcel 1ST01 syllabus.


Students who are capable of sitting the GSCE exam early will be entered before Year 11 and then they will be placed onto an A' Level Maths course.

Years 12 & 13


Students taking A’ Level Mathematics follow the Edexcel A Level (8MA0/9MA0) syllabus and those taking Further Maths follow the Edexcel (8FM0/9FM0) syllabus.  Students have two 2 hour lessons and one 1 hour lesson per week and additional study periods.


Students sitting the GCSE Retake follow the Edexcel GCSE (1MA1syallabus.  Students have one 2 hour lessons per week and additional study periods.