Topic 1: Risk

  • How lifestyle choices affect health risks (including sexual behaviour and STIs, diet, exercise, cosmetic surgery, drug and alcohol use)
  • How drug and alcohol affect decision making (including increased likelihood of consenting to sex)
  • The effects of drug and alcohol misuse on friends, family and society
  • Personal safety. Minimising the risks in different situations (including travel, internet use and in social settings)
  • How to give basic and emergency first aid in appropriate contexts

Topic 2: Health and Safety

  • How to recognise and follow health and safety procedures
  • How to find sources of emergency help

Topic 3: Healthy Relationships 

  • The characteristics and benefits of healthy relationships
  • How to recognise unhealthy relationships (including physical, verbal and sexual abuse; as well as forced marriage, honour based violence and rape)
  • Child sexual exploitation - what it is and where to go for help

Topic 4: What is Consent?

  • Understanding the concept of consent and how to ask for consent as well as how to refuse consent
  • Assessing readiness for sex
  • Understanding and respecting others' faith and cultural expectations concerning relationships and sexual activity
  • Resisting peer pressure

Topic 5: How the media affects our views of ourselves

  • How the media portrays young people
  • Body image and health issues
  • How other people affect our view of ourselves
  • The effect of sex in the media and its impact on sexuality (including pornography and related sexual ethics)

Topic 6: British Values

  • Democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance

Topic 7: Diversity

  • Accepting diversity of sexuality
  • How peers can support each other (including helping vulnerable friends to find support)
  • Why bullying is unacceptable (including the consequences for victims)

Topic 8: Mental Health 

  • The characteristics of mental health issues
  • Strategies for managing mental health
  • Where to get help and support
  • The effect of diverse and conflicting values on individuals, families and communities; and ways of responding to them

Topic 9: Contraception and Pregnancy 

  • How to access and use contraception
  • The consequences of unintended pregnancy
  • Abortion, adoption and fostering (reasons why people might choose them)
  • Where to find help and support
  • Parenting skills and qualities; and their central importance to family life

Topic 10: Separation, Divorce and Bereavement:

  • The impacts of separation, divorce and bereavement on families and the need to adapt to changing circumstances
  • Where to find help and support