Subject Overview


Our English department consists of a team of enthusiastic and committed specialists. We place a strong emphasis on equal opportunity and provide an environment in which all students are encouraged to become independent in their thinking and the expression of their ideas. The three main components of speaking and listening, reading and writing are taught interdependently and students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning, as individuals and as part of a team, in a collaborate environment of stimulating, interactive lessons and extra-curricular enrichment activities.


Years 10 & 11


Students follow the AQA English 8700 syallabus and English Literature 8702 syllabus.  Students have two 2 hour lessons per week. In Year 11 students also receive an additional one hour lesson. 


Years 12 & 13


Students taking A’ Level English follow the AQA 7712 syllabus.  Students have two 2 hour lessons  and one 1 hour lesson per week and additional study periods.


Students sitting the GCSE Retake follow the new AQA  English 8700 syallabus.  Students have one 2 hour lessons per week and additional study periods.