Week 11

EES Team 2 (BP Offshore Power Generation) used water power to fule an oil rig jacket.



We are going to draw a design including labels and different diagrams. We will record our progress step by step by taking photos. We will also take a look at the different materials to build our design. We are going to measure the tank to then decide how big everything needs to be.



Tank (¾ of the tank filled with salt water.) 8000ml


Turbine (from plastic, cut with the laser cutter.)

We decided to put some sand into the tank to make the situation accurate, we also added some salt and soon we will add water and stones after we make the model to go inside.



Today we followed our plan and went above target as we got started on our model.We think that we did good work but we could have all worked together (meaning everyone takes part). Next week we will carry on with the model and start to build what is going inside of the tank.