Computer Science

Subject Overview


Students will be working toward a GCSE qualification which also qualifies for the EBACC award as a science subject.  In year 1 students will begin studying fundamental theory topics to be continued in the following year. These topics will include computational thinking, programming and logical methods, computer systems and computer architecture. Students will also begin to learn coding in Python and will complete elements of a past computing project to prepare them for the project in year 2.

In Year 2 students are required to complete programming coursework. They will produce a report which will demonstrate their ability to analyse a problem, identify requirements, and make appropriate use of programming skills in providing solutions.  Students are required to design, implement, test and evaluate their solutions.  Students will be required to code the complete system themselves. Students will also focus on the computing theory/written side. Theory will be more in-depth, covering more complex concepts and ideas

Years 10 & 11


Students follow the GCSE AQA (8520) Computer Science syallabus.  Students have one 2 hour lesson per week.


Years 12 & 13


Students taking A’ Level Computer  Science follow the new GCE AQA 7517 syllabus. Students have two 2 hour lessons per week, one 1 hour lesson and additional study periods.